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Online Jobs in CYBER EXPO is a one stop solution for Real Online Jobs in India. We are one of the Leading Brands in India in the field of Home Based Online Jobs  &  Ad Posting Jobs. If you are serious about launching your Online Career then we at KDP GROUP will ensure the success, needed to Make MoneyFrom Online JobsOur Make Money Online Program is aGuaranteed Income system. We urge you all to check upon thisno obligation program.  KDP GROUP is one of the  offering Ad Posting Jobs, Data Entry job, SMS Sending job, Affiliate Marketing job and More Par time Work Form Home Job.

Welcome to  KDP GROUP

CYBER EXPO is the leading Part time jobs Provider company in India. We are now serving ad posting jobs, data entry jobs, Free Affiliate Jobs, SMS Sending Jobs, email Marketing Jobs, Cyber Expo Franchisee , etc. Everyone can join for this work, very easy to work with no target at all. And 100% customer satisfactions are our passion. All our part time Jobs are Protect by Free Risk free Agreement by court paper. Cyber Expo mainly knows to all over the world for Smart Customer Support and Instant Payment for every job. CYBER EXPO  is also a Grate e commerce Service Provider like – Premium Classified Advertising, Classified sites list & Software Sells, Email ID Database sell, Mobile Number Database Sell, Email Marketing Tools Sells , Classified Sites Designee & Sells , Cash Blogging Course You can get more information form cyber expo official websites.

Online Jobs – The Myths and Realities

Online Jobs is much abused, indiscriminately used and wrongly attributed  term! Loosely speaking, a Job is a task performed by a person for an agreed price. Lots of Online Business such as Affiliate Marketing, Online Merchandising, Trading etc. are usually and wrongly referred to as Online Jobs, whereas it will be appropriate to call them Online Business.
How does one define Online Jobs ? In a nutshell it is an employment method in which an employee is able to execute a Job from a remote location over internet(Technically, which is an Online State of Connectivity), hence the birth of the termOnline Jobs! The various Online Jobs that we encounter on regular basis are Data Entry Jobs, Form Filling Jobs, Web Research, Online Data Mining, Content Writing, Virtual Assistant, SEO Jobs &  Online Submission Jobs such as Article Submission &Ad Posting Jobs.
Online Jobs at KDP GROUP INDIA™ includes Ad Posting Jobs, Data Entry job,Email Marketing Job, SMS Sending Job, Make Money Online Free, Affiliate Job etc. to name just a few. Our Online Jobs offer you an opportunity to make decent Part Time or Full Time income. We don’t propose schemes to turn you in a millionaire in a week! We have a simple proposition – You work for us & get paid for the job. It cannot get simpler than this!
Let us do some Myth busting & Reality check!
  • Making Money through Online jobs is a Myth
  • It is a Multibillion Dollar industry is the Reality
  • Genuine Online Jobs don’t exist is a Myth
  • Six out of Ten Jobs are Home Based and 97% that is 5 of the 6 Jobs are Online Jobs –is the Reality
  • Out of the these 5 Jobs, 20% that is 1 job happens to be Ad Posting Job.
  • Also about 80% of the existing business is going Online!
  • Now that is the Reality Check for you!

 Online Jobs – Our Journey

We started our journey with Ad Posting Jobs, that was way back in the year 2008. On the way we encountered the hurdles, issues & pure annoyance that any new comer will face! after much deliberation our first site was launched in the year 2009 with the sole purpose of making newcomer’s life easy by providing them adequate guidance, necessary Software Tools & a ready-made Free Classified Sites List Without Registration . Then we noticed the Scams and Schemes being launched all over the web and specially more so in India as the Online Jobs scenario was still fresh and unsuspecting, innocent visitors were lulled into believing the Get Rich Quick claims and sadly stripped-off their hard earned money. This prompted us to launch our various Online Jobs packages where almost anyone could make a decent sum of money by doing these simple jobs. It was quite a difficult going for us but gradually with the support and trust of our workers and the clients who give us these jobs, we managed to have place in the crowd of thousands of other websites as one of the Best Online Jobs providing Companies in India.
Checkout Our Best Part time Work from Home Job  , Now!

Advertising – The Origin

Advertising is originated from the Latin word Ad Vertere, literally it means ” To Turn Towards”. In other words advertising makes a person to turn to an object or an idea! Commercially speaking, advertising is a form of communication that persuades, forces or encourages a targeted set of people to take an action  which results in the advertiser reaping a desired benefit (of Commercial nature). The figure for annual spending on advertising is estimated over $500 Billion currently and more than $100 Billion is spent for Online Advertisements.
Advertising alters the behavior of a person towards a Commercial Offering!

Classified Advertisement – The Online Avatar 

Once common in newspapers & magazines, Classified advertising has come of age with the advent of internet. More advertisements are being offered through Online Classified Sites owing to  their largely Free To Post nature and Worldwide reach, the qualities hard to match by any newspaper.

Classified Advertisement – Is it Effective? 

Classified ads are to be found everywhere! You can find them in every search engines in the form of Pay Per Click Ads, the most common example being Google AdWords. Visit any Article Magazine Site also referred to as Ezines and you will these Ads welcoming you! Most of the Blogs and forums and almost all the social media giants like Facebook are littered with these Ads. They are mushrooming everywhere. In factInternet has become a highly fertile breeding ground for Classified Ads!
The reasons that classified ads are omnipresent over internet are simple.
They deliver the result and are cheap to run!


Ad Posting Jobs happens to be one of our oldest running program and  literally speaking it is the mainstay of our business model. After spending six years in the field we have managed to Acquire, Test and Implement almost all Tricks, Techniques and Tools that are out there and we will be more than happy to share them with anyone willing to Join Ad Posting Jobs at KDP GROUP. We have been advised over the years by Industry Experts & international SEO Consultants to get the best out of Ad Posting in Classified Sites. KDP GROUP. also offers Advertising through Classified Sites to promote a brand or product  and interested Advertisers are welcome to try it.

Ad Posting In classified Sites- The Obstacles

We are helping freelancer par time worker by giving smart and Quick Ad posting Tutorial, Analyst company rules and suggest Classified Sites list for Best result and reduce there working time by providing AUTOMATIC AD POSTING SOFTWARE and Form Filling Software.
In those day ad posting job are one of the most popular part time jobs. But every ad post worker has facing problem of Approval Classified Sites list, some are try to search Google but it’s not so helpful.  AD POST JOBS is now complete solutions of classified sites list.  We are glad to tell you’re that we have More than 100000 classified working sites list and pretested. So no need to search for classified websites list in deference Search Engine…. Read more about our Exciting Service that change your Earning Style and get reached to your Dream.

Ad Posting Jobs Made Easy

Post 9000 Classified using free time: Everyone want to use their free time for stuff their pockets with some extra money. So that we are doing ad posting Job but sooner or later, they eventually quit ad posting Job!
Are you one of those people? Are you ever going to quit ad posting Job for its take lots of time to completed monthly target. Don’t worry we are guide you some smart and quick technique of ad posting. So that you can post successfully 9000 Classified in every month just using your free time. Trust me daily 3 hour is enough time to complete your monthly target.
So, is it sound something interesting?


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